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Developed by Orchid Systems, Process Scheduler enables you to schedule when your Sage 300 (Accpac) data is checked and backed up and to schedule automation of other processes. It maximizes system resource usage by allowing you to automatically perform these tasks overnight, whilst the system is not being used, and automating processes for when required.

All schedules are tracked, and a history of the scheduled actions - success or failure - can be reported on at any time. Checking the integrity of your Sage 300 data and running processes on a regular basis has never been easier!


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Robert Lavery & Associates' Robert Lavery on Orchid's Process Scheduler Module for
Sage 300 (Accpac)

Robert Lavery & Associates' Robert Lavery on Orchid's Information Manager Suite for
Sage 300 (Accpac)

What End Users are saying about Orchid's Modules for Sage 300 (Accpac)


  • Increased data integrity and reliability.
  • Peace of mind: critical business data checked automatically.
  • Time saved: automating important routine processes.
  • System integrity: your data is being checked on a regular, recurring basis.
  • Free up valuable system resources and time by running Day End, posting batches and running custom processes overnight.
  • Save time: automate GL Consolidation Exports and Imports.
  • Easy to run: create and run complex schedules with no programming.
  • Improved data security: automate backups through Sage 300's DBDump utility.
  • Save time, increase efficiency: Keep up to date test and reporting databases by loading your data into different databases overnight.
  • Easy to learn and use and with the look and feel of a Sage 300 module.
  • Email notification of failed actions.


Data integrity process automated

  • Schedule Sage 300 to check your data integrity unattended.
  • Send alerts when new errors are detected.
  • Specify which companies and which modules must be checked.
  • Keep a history of results of past integrity checks and optionally clear old logs.

System process automated

  • Run day end and optionally post batches.
  • Post AR, AP, GL, IC and PJC batches.
  • Automatically dump your data for backup.
  • Copy/load your data for testing and reporting.
  • Schedule custom processes and programs.
  • Schedule GL Consolidation Export and Import.
  • Reconcile GL Consolidation Import and Export.
  • Automate notification of changes to active Sage 300 ERP Modules and Product Update details – per company.
  • Close last fiscal period and open next fiscal period and Open new fiscal year.
  • Check disc space on nominated drive, and send an e-mail if less than x% is free.

Reporting process automated

  • Schedule Crystal Reports (in conjunction with Orchid Information Manager Report Runner).
  • Refresh Info-Explorer Cubes (in conjunction with Orchid Info-Explorer) and email to specific users.
  • Schedule GL FR reports (in conjunction with Orchid Information Manager Report Runner).

Flexible set up

  • Define logic to specify what happens next on success and failure of a task.
  • Set up multiple schedules as recurring jobs.
  • Define e-mail templates to be used when sending status e-mails from Schedules.
  • Ability to send emails via SSL.

Available in three versions (Features available to select:)

LEVEL 1. Process Scheduler for Data Integrity, Reports, Cubes and Active Modules and Product Update Notifications

  • Check integrity of a single module
  • Check integrity of all modules
  • in a company
  • Dump database
  • Refresh Info-Explorer Cube
  • Run Report Runner for Crystal Reports
  • Optionally send email alerts (Always, or Only if Errors)
  • Sage 300 Service Pack Audit
    (document active modules & service packs)
  • Clear Data Integrity Log
  • Check disc space
  • Send email

LEVEL 2. Process Scheduler for Data Integrity, Day End and Posting Plus All Level 1 actions:

  • Run Day End
  • Post AR System Batches
  • Post AP System Batches
  • Post GL System Batches
  • Post All System Batches
  • Post AR Ready to Post Batches
  • Post AP Ready to Post Batches
  • Post GL Ready to Post Batches
  • Post All Ready to Post Batches
  • Post All AR Batches
  • Post All AP Batches
  • Post All GL Batches
  • Post All Batches
  • Post IC Receipts
  • Post IC Shipments
  • Post IC Adjustments
  • Post IC Internal Usage
  • Post IC Transfers
  • Post IC Assemblies
  • Post All IC Documents
  • Post PJC Timecards
  • Post PJC Equipment Usage
  • Post PJC Charges
  • Post PJC Costs
  • Post PJC Revenue Estimates
  • Post PJC Material Usage
  • Post PJC Material Returns
  • Post PJC Material Allocation
  • Post All PJC documents

LEVEL 3. Advanced Process Scheduler Plus All Level 1 and 2 actions:

  • Load Database
  • Copy Database
  • Run Program (Wait)
  • Run Program (Don't Wait)
  • Run AVB Macro
  • Run Extender script
  • GL Consolidation Export
  • GL Consolidation Import
  • Run Financial Report Group (FR)
  • Open period, close period
  • Open year

Minimum requirements

Process Scheduler 2016 requires Sage 300 2016 System Manager. Installs as a standard Sage 300 module. Developed in the Sage 300 SDK. Standard Sage 300 security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking and more!

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sage oem partner

"Our client is very happy with Orchid Process Scheduler and has utilized it to run Day End and Database Dump on a daily basis..."

Jenny Garbuzova, CA Plus, Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Orchid Process Scheduler works like a charm! Awesome product. Client loves it.."

Brian McIntyre, DSD-CRM Software, Winnipeg, Canada

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