EFT Under Christmas Tree

Is this the year to put EFT under the tree?

Fri, 08 Oct 2021

COVID-related online orders are overwhelming our parcel delivery services. Electronic Funds Transfer can let you bypass the bottlenecks.

For most Australians, the summer break means the Christmas holidays, and Christmas means giving and receiving gifts. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that the lead up to Christmas is traditionally the busiest time of the year for our parcel delivery services.

COVID has turned many worlds upside down over the past couple of years, including the world of parcel deliveries. Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities, have been in lockdown for the past few months. That means all retailers other than those selling essentials have been closed. We've become almost totally dependent on online ordering with home delivery for other purchases.

The result? Headlines like these:

Parcel distribution centres struggle to keep up with the unprecedented volumes of parcels.

Expect parcel delays to continue through to Christmas as delivery services overwhelmed.

A ‘terrifying’ image shows the shocking number of parcels inside an Australia Post warehouse

Australia Post delivering the equivalent of Christmas every single week.

EFT to the rescue?

Many consumers, unable to go Christmas shopping or worried about purchases not making it to their destinations on time, are taking control by deciding to send money this year. They have decided that cash in the hand beats a parcel in the post.

Perhaps you are facing a similar dilemma, such as how to get the annual festive season gifts to all your work-from-home employees on time?

There is little point in avoiding a held-up hamper, only to find yourself saying 'Sorry, the cheque’s in the mail.'

Why not bypass the bottlenecks by using Electronic Funds Transfer, with the help of EFT Processing for Sage 300, from Orchid Systems?

Browse the EFT Processing product page, or download our updated EFT Processing brochure, for details.


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